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About Jacksonville Web Design

Jacksonville Web Design

We will give your company expression on the web: designing a smart and attractive, user-friendly interface; developing compelling interactive features and functionality; and perfecting the site so that visitors can locate the information they want quickly and effortlessly.

The overriding goal of Jacksonville Web Design is to provide a quality website at reasonable and affordably prices. It is our belief that great websites do not have to be expensive websites. We offer special pricing to organizations and special events in the non-profit sector.

Our principal objective

As a company we understand that building great websites involves more than just technical and creative skills. It is about applying those skills in a way which will make a difference to your business. To accomplish this we work hard to understand you and your business: what you do, how you work, what your dreams and ambitions are.

It is our belief that websites should work hard for your business. There are too many websites that are just not effective, costing the company behind them money, time and morale. Our principal objective is to create an effective website: a website that will make a positive and measurable impact on your business growth; a website that will support your marketing position, reinforce your brand and enhance your reputation; a website that will help you realize your goals, whatever those goals may be.

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"An effective website is designed to create or re-enforce a company's identity, build brand loyalty and enhance exposure and credibility, is easy to use and accessible, and delivers objective, measurable results."

"The strategic planning process takes time, patience, experience, and involves conducting a detailed assessment to makes sure the website we build fits with your goals and ambitions"