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Content Management Systems

Our content management solution allows our clients to create, maintain and manage dynamic and energetic websites without design or technical expertise. Our custom tailored system can be adapted to your needs, providing easy and efficient workflow management tools and vibrant function such as timely news and events.

The content manager allows the Website to be controlled and authored by a single individual or the flexibility for any potential level of group access for site administrators, web-designers, marketing, content editors and proofreaders or any additional groups necessary for site management.

Content Management Functionality

  • Forums - instigate and encourage community
  • Website Search Engine - search site for article contents or forums
  • RSS feeds - news and events with time based information
  • Photo Gallery - share photos or popular imagery
  • Blog - post personal, business, cultural or educational thoughts and interact with people
  • Forms - contact, mail, quotes, etc.
  • Web Statistics - reporting visitor information for marketing analysis
  • Classified advertising - online classified ads for jobs, categorized advertisements or business services

Content Management Features

  • Easy Website administration by empowering end-users with as much control as you desire from your favorite web browser
  • Private & protected web pages
  • Strong built-in site security
  • SSL compatible, SSL logins and SSL pages - for e-commerce transactions and required for other distribution of confidential data
  • Browser based Word-like editor for website content generation and modification
  • Builds Web Standards Compliant code through native XHTML support and CSS integration
  • Advanced caching for additional speed in content delivery
  • Site members can easily assemble and manage data
  • Asset Management area uses a central library for documents (i.e. PDF, Word), photos and images
  • Search Engine friendly URLs that promote usability and indexing by Search Engines
  • Multi-lingual content delivery gives websites the ability to think and function globally
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