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Planning and Strategy

The strategic planning involved in building a web presents is important as any aspect in the development of your business. Why are we building this website? What is it supposed to accomplish? How can it add to this organization's bottom line? Only by evaluating these questions you can be sure your site will contribute to your company's goals and fit in with all your ambitions.

Detailed Assessment

  • General needs overview
  • Graphical design requirements
  • Development of goals and objectives
  • Analysis of the target audience
  • Review of competitor and related sites
  • Review and consideration of site features and functionality
  • Cost/benefit comparisons
  • Hosting requirements
  • Marketing needs analysis
  • Available domain names
  • Determine text content and image needs
  • Current and future budget determination
  • Site maintenance options


At the end of the process you will have a clear understanding of how your site will work. You can be confident that the site we will build will meet your objectives and fulfill the goals you have set for it.

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"Planning is the most important and often overlooked step in the website development process."

"and involves conducting a detailed assessment to makes sure the website we build fits with your goals and ambitions"