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  • W3C - Cascading Style Sheets
    Authoritative information from the W3C. Provides complete specifications, lists of CSS browsers and authoring tools, and information about learning CSS.
  • Molly E. Holzschlag co-author of The Zen of CSS Design and Group Lead for The Web Standards Project shares some of her personal thoughts in her articles on Web Development that is well worth the read.
  • Color Palette Creator
    A Web color swatch generator for constructing complimentary tones based on a method for creating color palettes in website design.
  • Position Is Everything - Modern browser bugs explained in detail with advanced CSS demos and bug reports.
  • CSS Dropdown Menu
    Construction of a dropdown menu with CSS and a small piece of JavaScript that is lightweight, standards-compliant, accessible and functions across all browser types.
  • DHTML JavaScript Tooltips
    Tooltips implemented with JavaScript that have Cross Browser functionality with a highly customizable behavior.
  • Google Features
    Google has many special features such as Web Page Translation as well as Google Maps
  • A Free Website Design with Web Hosting and Links-We create websites at no charge for our hosting customers. Just agree to host it with us for at least one full year. Links also acquired, including high PR links.
  • Web Hosting India - Web Hosting India offers affordable hosting services and cheaper domain registration in India.
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